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Do you know me?

I don't.

2 May
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Blah, blah, blah!

Disclaimer: Do not take any of this as condescending, overtly personal, or the like; it is just a statement. I don’t expect a full decryption of my posts. Some are just for venting, some to express, and some are simple. I do believe that an objective of my poems is to create a mood, to get a reaction from the reader. Read and reflect in your own way; that is what I do, or try to do. If a passage strikes you, think about it. That is just a suggestion. Feel free to disregard all of it or not read it. Like I have said many times before this, each person’s journal is theirs to do as they wish. I post what I feel like. A lot of the time I try expressing my self in words. As you already know, I am not conventional. I am strange and do things in ways many do not. My poems, if you call them poems, are an example of this. Strange uses of words to be read by a reader, if only myself, with an attempt to express and/or recreate a state of feeling. With this statement of purpose, I would like to add that any/all responses are most appreciated. Responses are sort of a way for me to gage my attempts. I like to know if the reader gains anything from their experience and if certain specific nuances are picked up on.

Read what you will, read into what you will, and think what you will, won’t you?